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World Players Association Grants PTPA Membership, Affirming Its Role as Sole Independent Representative for Professional Tennis Players

The PTPA will collaborate with fellow World Players members, including the NFLPA, NBPA, WNBPA, MLBPA, and FICA, to protect and defend athlete rights worldwide 

Washington D.C., May 16, 2024 – The Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), global advocates for women’s and men’s professional tennis players, today announced it joined the World Players Association (World Players). World Players serves as the exclusive global voice of organized athletes across professional sport, representing over 85,000 professional women and men in almost 140 players associations in nearly 70 countries. World Players exists to ensure that the independent voice of player and athlete associations is recognized and respected in the governance of each and every sport. World Players awarded the PTPA membership following a review of the organization’s impact and dedication to protecting and servicing players’ best interests. The membership highlights that the PTPA is the only independent representative body for professional tennis players. Other organizations from within the tennis ecosystem would be ineligible to join World Players because of the lack of player independence and created and controlled means of athlete representation.

“It is long overdue that professional tennis players have a strong, independent association that is solely devoted to advocating for and protecting their rights,” said Matthew Graham, Head of UNI World Players. “We are thrilled to welcome the PTPA to the World Players Association and commend the commitment and consistency of its efforts since its inception. We look forward to collaborating with the PTPA to ensure that the collective voice of tennis players is represented at the highest levels of international decision-making. The PTPA is setting a powerful example for athletes in other individual sports to exercise their right to independent and effective athlete representation”

“Joining the World Players Association marks another significant milestone that reinforces the PTPA’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of professional tennis players worldwide,” said Ahmad Nassar, PTPA Executive Director. “Our PTPA Principles are in direct alignment  with the guiding philosophies of World Players, including its Universal Declaration of Player Rights. We are honored to join with our fellow players associations and stand united in advocating for and protecting professional athletes on a global scale.” 

World Players finalized the PTPA’s membership following an extensive review process by the World Players Executive Committee and staff, which includes leaders from players associations across sport. The PTPA will collaborate with World Players and other member organizations—including the NFLPA, NBPA, WNBPA, MLBPA, and FICA—to strengthen its commitment to protecting athletes’ rights, amplifying their voices, and influencing global sports policy. Collectively, they will work to uphold the dignity of professional players and the integrity of sports worldwide.


About the Professional Tennis Players Association

The Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) is a global organization that unites and mobilizes tennis players to foster transparency and fairness in professional tennis. As an independent entity, the PTPA is dedicated to advancing and safeguarding the rights of professional men’s and women’s tennis players throughout their careers. By prioritizing crucial aspects such as health and safety, schedules, rules, purses, benefits, and education, the PTPA endeavors to build an equitable and sustainable competitive environment for present and future generations of players. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, the PTPA operates on a global scale. For more information, visit and connect with @ptpaplayers on social media.

About the World Players Association:  

The World Players Association is the exclusive global voice of organised players and athletes across professional sport. It brings together 85,000 players through almost 140 player associations in nearly 70 countries. Its role is to ensure that the voice of organised players is heard at the highest levels in the decision-making of international sport. The World Players Association was formally established in December 2014 as an autonomous sector of UNI Global Union (UNI). 

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