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PTPA Releases White Paper on Benefits of an Independent Players Association

The PTPA has released a white paper on the benefits of an independent players association. The in-depth report, available for download below, includes analyses on:

  • The successes of players associations in other sports; 
  • The history of players associations;
  • Recent organizing efforts;
  • The current state of tennis;
  • And the PTPA’s role within the fractured tennis landscape.

The report highlights how the collective power of athletes – manifested through independent players associations – has driven meaningful improvements for athlete well-being in other sports, and how similar improvements can be accomplished in tennis.

In the coming months and throughout 2024, the PTPA will release additional white papers featuring research and analyses on the state of tennis and specific player well-being issues. The papers will examine key areas of focus for the PTPA and opportunities for improved player welfare.