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PTPA and Winners Alliance Partner with Creative Production Agency Fresh Tape Media to Drive Content Initiatives, Provide Creative Resources to Players

The organizations representing women’s and men’s professional tennis players are partnering with Fresh Tape to utilize their internal resources and digital portfolio platform, Gondola, to support players through content creation and linking with creators around the world

Strategic partnership to allow PTPA and Winners Alliance to ramp up their owned media efforts in support of global player advocacy and commercialization

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 24, 2023 – The Professional Tennis Players Association (“PTPA”), global advocates for women’s and men’s professional tennis players, has announced a new strategic partnership with creative production agency Fresh Tape Media. Through the partnership, Fresh Tape Media will serve as the content production engine of the PTPA and its for-profit affiliate, Winners Alliance, in addition to providing content creation solutions and resources for players worldwide.

Fresh Tape Media will support both organizations with design, photography, production, event coverage, and more. This partnership provides several benefits for the players, including content creation support and access to a wide range of creators in local markets and around the world via Gondola. The PTPA and Winners Alliance will leverage Fresh Tape Media’s creative expertise to support players in building and commercializing their personal brands through content.

“Starting my career in the sports creative world has taught me the vital importance of a content and storytelling strategy to effectively engage with an audience. We are delighted to launch this strategic partnership with Fresh Tape Media, a leader in the sports creative industry that shares our mission and values the central role of athletes in their own storytelling and brand monetization efforts. Together, we look forward to providing women’s and men’s professional athletes worldwide with the necessary tools, resources and support to grow and capitalize on their professional brands,” said Neeta Sreekanth, SVP of Operations for Winners Alliance.

“We’re thrilled and honored to support the PTPA and Winners Alliance’s player-advocacy efforts. We look forward to leveraging our internal resources, our core network of 350+ creatives, and our global database of creators on Gondola to help the organizations’ work in supporting, growing, and commercializing athletes’ brands,” said Jared Kleinstein, founder and CEO of Fresh Tape Media. “We’re firm believers that athletes should be at the center of the commercial ecosystem of sports, and content is one of the most powerful ways for athletes to build and monetize their brand power.”

About the Professional Tennis Players Association:
The PTPA is uniting and mobilizing tennis players around the globe to create transparency and fairness in professional tennis. It is an independent organization dedicated to the advancement and protection of professional men’s and women’s tennis players across their entire professional journey. Through the PTPA, professional tennis players are building an equitable and sustainable competitive environment for players today and for generations to come, including health and safety issues, schedules, rules, purses, benefits and education. The PTPA is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area with operations globally.

About Winners Alliance:
In August 2022, the PTPA launched Winners Alliance, a for-profit affiliate, to generate and maximize off-the-court commercial opportunities for players and their agents, emulating the successful model of players associations in other sports.

About Fresh Tape Media:
Fresh Tape Media is a full-service creative production company based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2017, their focus is on creating content for digital and social media consumption, producing engaging video and other graphic content for premier partners around the globe. With a list of clients that includes the NBA, NHL, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, Turner, Puma, NFL, and more, their video content alone has attracted over 680 Million views on social media. Fresh Tape’s team of established and talented creators helps these partners with strategy, logistics, production, filming/editing, and delivery of content, giving their clients all of their needs that could come from multiple outsourced agencies/companies in one place.