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Novak Djokovic Shares Motivation for Co-Founding PTPA on CBS 60 Minutes

Novak Djokovic recently appeared in CBS’ 60 Minutes for a wide-ranging feature on his ascension in the sport, his training methodology, his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia, and more.

Novak, who co-founded the PTPA in 2019 alongside Vasek Pospisil, also touched on starting the PTPA and one of its main objectives – to ease financial burdens for players across ranks.

“Women and men who are around 200 and lower ranked in the world, they are struggling a lot,” Novak told 60 Minutes. “They can’t afford a coach, they can’t afford travels, they skip tournaments, many of them leave tennis who are super talented and maybe capable of reaching great heights and successes, but they just can’t make it.” 

As indicated in the PTPA Principles, one of the association’s main objectives is to “obtain players’ fair share of the business of tennis and terms of participation.” This includes equitable compensation, employment opportunities, pensions & benefits, and more. 

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