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Novak Djokovic Discusses the Importance of Player Representation

Before winning his fourth US Open, PTPA co-founder and Executive Committee member Novak Djokovic took the time to speak with select media about the players association, financial security for players, the challenges of playing on tour, and more. Watch the full press conference below.

A Step in the Right Direction

In August, the ATP announced its new Baseline Program, which aims to provide players with more financial security. When asked about this initiative, Novak said, “I think it’s a step in the right direction, no doubt.” However, there’s still more to be done to create true financial security, including working toward similar programs on the women’s tour. Novak expressed his desire to “collectively create an environment where more tennis players, both male and female, will be able to live from the sport.”

How Far Does Prize Money Go?

“People don’t realize how expensive this sport is,” Novak said in reference to the financial difficulties that players ranked outside the top 100 face. Even though tennis is one of the most popular sports globally, between travel, accommodations, coaching, and other expenses, only a select number of players are able to make a living on tour, hence Novak’s belief in the importance of player representation in negotiations surrounding prize money.

Working With Co-Founder Vasek Pospisil

On the court, tennis players are on their own, but off the court, ensuring the growth and survival of the sport is a team effort. Novak discussed his relationship with his friend and fellow PTPA co-founder Vasek Pospisil and the tireless work they put in to educate players on the PTPA’s mission and importance.

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