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Noah Rubin Shares Realities of Pro Tennis Player Experience With PTPA

The PTPA caught up with Noah Rubin to hear more about his journey as a professional tennis player including the highs and lows of his career, founding Behind the Racquet, switching to pro pickleball, why tennis players need a players association, and much more. Watch the full conversation below. 

When Noah Wished He Had A Players Association

During the conversation, Noah got candid about moments earlier in his career when he felt like he needed more support on tour. Prior to the PTPA’s founding, players lacked the support of an autonomous organization 100% focused on player well-being only. Because of this, many players, including Noah, have stories of facing challenges alone with little to no support, guidance or direction for how to address and solve for such challenges. The PTPA exists to ensure players like Noah have access to the resources and support required in these moments of need.

The Biggest Fan Misconceptions About Tennis

Noah described fans’ perception of the pro tennis player lifestyle, and the realities of the pro tennis player lifestyle, as having a “tremendous disconnect.” As a player outside the top 100 ranks, Noah has experienced and seen firsthand the financial, mental and emotional health struggles of players pushing to break through.

“For [fans], they see this [the US Open] is tennis, this is what we play every week. Where in actuality it’s if you’re top 250 in the world you get it four times a year, if you’re not you don’t get it at all.”

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