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Creating a Healthy Work Environment: NBPA Director of Sports Medicine & Research Dan O’Brien

While tennis and basketball may not have a lot in common on the court, the NBPA and the PTPA share the same passion for ensuring players have access to the medical support they need. 

To continue learning from fellow player associations across sports, the PTPA sat down with the NBPA’s Director of Sports Medicine and Research, Dan O’Brien, to discuss how players associations can best support athletes in the medical space. Watch the full conversation below.

How PAs Can Act as a Resource for Players

Dan shared his best pieces of advice on how to support players medically and explained the importance of being a resource to players in a multitude of ways. In basketball, like in tennis, every player may need something different from their players association, and it’s the players association’s duty to be able to serve all players.  

“Every player needs something different, and that could be based on where they are located, what team they’re with, where they’re at in their career, what their income is, frankly.”

Prioritizing Player Health at Every Stage of Their Careers

Dan explained what he considers one of the NBPA’s major areas of impact in the medical space – its ability to advocate for the players’ rights to seek a second opinion. 

“We’ve seen the impact that injuries can have on a career. So I think getting multiple opinions, if not at least two on a certain injury, is important because we’ve seen plenty of physicians or plenty of people that have their own agenda.”

Dan also discussed medical treatments and testing that the NBPA has made available for retired players to ensure that their health continues to be a priority once their careers have ended. As the PTPA continues to grow its services, offerings and benefits, it will look to incorporate many of the same successes that the NBPA and other players associations have pioneered.

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