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Behind the Scenes of Life on Tour with Executive Committee Member Hubert Hurkacz

The PTPA caught up with Executive Committee member Hubert “Hubi ”Hurkacz ahead of the US Open to talk about his 2023 season, his experience with the PTPA since joining the inaugural Executive Committee in January, his off-court passions, and much more.

Watch the full conversation with Hubi below.

Hubi’s First Thoughts on the PTPA

Hubi reflected on when he first heard about the PTPA in 2019 and learned about its mission to advocate for all professional tennis players. While the PTPA has evolved and grown significantly since 2019, Hubi was supportive from the beginning and ultimately joined the PTPA’s first-ever Executive Committee in early 2023. 

“My initial reaction [was] I think it’s super positive, just excited for it…Ultimately we should strive for the same goal, to grow the sport.”

The PTPA’s 2023 Momentum

he PTPA has experienced meaningful growth and momentum since its leadership change in August 2022 and the unveiling of its Executive Committee and Official Principles in January 2023. Hubi talked about his experience working with the PTPA throughout 2023 and the continued push to involve as many professional tennis players as possible. 

“PTPA is on the rise and I think it’s really necessary for the players to have their own independent voice, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Working Alongside Novak Djokovic

Hubi and PTPA co-founder Novak Djokovic have gone head-to-head in a number of intense matches throughout their careers, but off the court they are united in serving alongside each other on the PTPA’s Executive Committee. 

“It’s been great,” Hubi said of working alongside Novak. “Working on the PTPA board, that’s just something amazing that he does, and he cares about the players. It’s really good to have such a role model there and really investing his time and emotions into it.”

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