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Get to Know PTPA Ambassador & Tennis Legend Marcos Baghdatis

The PTPA announced the new addition of Marcos Baghdatis to its team in August. As a PTPA Ambassador, Marcos helps enhance player engagement through education, player servicing, and liaising with stakeholders across the sport. A former top-10 player, Marcos understands and has experienced firsthand the challenges and obstacles players face on tour, and he is committed to bettering conditions for today’s players and future generations of players to come. 

Watch the PTPA’s full interview with Marcos to learn more about the Cyprus legend.

How Marcos First Learned About PTPA

Marcos first learned about the PTPA during a run-in with Vasek Pospisil in the Wimbledon locker room in 2019. It was right around that time that co-founders Vasek and Novak Djokovic were launching the PTPA. Marcos was supportive of the mission from the get go and was excited to see Vasek and Novak’s success getting it off the ground despite some early challenges. 

“It’s so great for the players to have an association, to have people, a team behind them that care about them. There are a lot of things that need to be improved for the players.”

Marcos’ Main Passion Point

What is one of the main player challenges that Marcos is most passionate about addressing in his role with the PTPA?

“The financial part… the PTPA will find ways to improve and find ways to help the players get more than what they have. I think players deserve more.”

What Needs to Improve in Tennis

Beyond players’ lack of financial security, Marcos believes there are a myriad of other significant opportunities to improve tennis, and he understands that different players will have different needs, opinions, ideas, and motivations for improving the game. 

“I’m so excited to talk to players, sit down with them – I’m there for them, whatever they need. We’re here to find solutions for them and just listen to them and try to find ways to make them happy and improve the sport, improve their careers, improve their lives.”

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